Philips Licenses Lithylene Technology to Stone Battery

January 11, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Philips Research, part of Royal Philips Electronics (the Netherlands), announced that Stone Battery Industries Corp. (Taipei, Taiwan) has completed the licensing agreement to employ Philips Lithylene™ battery technology in the manufacturing of batteries with free-form factors. Stone Battery, together with Philips, will bring a new degree of design freedom to battery-powered products.

Philips Lithylene™ battery-making technology enables the fabrication of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries without the need of outside pressure to keep the battery stack together. A stable battery structure is obtained by making microscopic holes through the electrodes and separators, and subsequently filling these with a polymer. Having a stable electrode structure, Lithylene™ batteries can be tailored in a variety of forms without compromising on performance or price.

Philips Lithylene™ battery technology can be used to fabricate batteries with a variety of different electrochemical compositions to the contours of a product. Stone Battery plans to start mass production in the greater China region with an estimated capacity of 500,000 pieces per month effective the third quarter of 2004.