Philips, Energizer and Techtium Announce New Portable Power Device for Mobile Phones

March 27, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Philips, Energizer, and Techtium announced the introduction of a new portable power device: the AAA BackuPower™ capable mobile phone. The new Philips Xenium NRG is the first extended power range model and will be the first commercially available mobile phone using Techtium’s BackuPower™ – a new backup embedded charging technology for mobile devices. The Philips Xenium range of phones already provides a standby time and talk time of up to 1 month and 10 hours respectively with its built-in battery, all on a single charge.

BackuPower™ is claimed to provide users with a simple solution for instantly recharging their phones: by inserting any type of standard sized AAA battery – alkaline, NiMH rechargeable or the new and recommended Energizer® e2®Lithium ® – in the phone’s easily accessible cavity, the Philips Xenium NRG phone is instantly recharged and users are granted with an extra few hours of talk time. Use of the BackuPower™ feature with Energizer ® e2®Lithium ® AAA battery further extends the Philips Xenium’s unsurpassed battery performance and achieves an additional talk time of up to 3 hours and standby time of up to 1 week. With this added power, users can continue to enjoy mobile multimedia such as listening to FM radio, playing music, making video recordings and taking pictures. Heavy phone users can now have the reassurance they need that their phones can be instantly powered-up by simply inserting a single AAA battery, readily available anywhere.

Techtium’s BackuPower™ is claimed to be a unique hybrid battery management technology that solves the most frustrating cell phone problem: a dead battery. Techtium’s BackuPower™ is a mixed-signal IC with patented charging and battery type detection algorithms capable of bi-directional recharging. With Techtium’s revolutionary technology, when a rechargeable standard sized battery is inserted into a phone’s cavity, it too shall be recharged simultaneously with the main battery when the phone is connected to an external charger.

Techtium’s external BackuPower™ is currently used in Energizer’s new Energi To Go,™ a battery-powered external Instant Cell Phone charger. The Energizer® Energi to Go™ is a light-weight, portable device that enables calls to be placed within 30 seconds of activation.