Packaging for High-Voltage GaN Power Transistors

May 04, 2016 by Power Pulse1595211359

Embedded Component Technology (ECP) is Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellschaft's (AT&S) solution to the next generation miniaturization demands of high performance applications and products. Embedding components within an electronic module offers significant advantages such as further miniaturization through stacking of electronic components and performance gains due to the close proximity of vital passive components to the active semiconductor device. Products benefitting from ECP include high efficiency power modules, integrated wireless modules, media codecs and high signal integrity applications e.g. sensors and amplifiers.

At this year`s PCIM in Nuremberg (May 10-12, 2016) GaN Systems Inc. showcases its powerful GaN power semiconductor devices (hall 9, booth 511). The power devices integrate a GaN power switching transistor in an innovative GaNPX package, built using AT&S ECP technology. As part of its advanced packaging technologies AT&S presents its patented ECP technology at PCIM in hall 6, booth 323.

The challenge of designing the next generation of power supplies is to increase not only the efficiency but also the power density. As silicon based solutions are limited, the usage of GaN, with its much lower on-resistance, superior fast-switching capabilities and zero reverse recovery losses enables a more efficient conversion, higher efficiency and higher power density with no additional losses. GaN Systems, a pioneer of GaN power technology, in close cooperation with AT&S, was able to reduce size and costs of these new devices. The reliable and space saving packaging realized has resulted in the rapid adoption of GaN by designers and systems engineers.

"For OEMs who want to implement the most efficient power supplies with highest power density, Embedded Power is a design and manufacturing capability that simplifies the use of GaN power transistors in embedded subsystems, “ stated Greg Klowak, Director of R&D at GaN Systems. “Unlike approaches that source the transistors and integration method separately, Embedded Power based on AT&S ECP technology provides tested and proven GaN die integration that optimizes inductance, current handling and thermal performance for rapid, low risk system implementation.”

"Just as MEMS and Integrated Passive Devices emerged from standard semiconductor processes, ECP from AT&S builds on well proven techniques to create a new class of packages” said Michael Lang, CEO of the business unit Advanced Packaging at AT&S. “Here at AT&S Advanced Packaging, we are committed to develop the best solutions for our customers, working at the frontier of possibilities with laminate chip embedding. We are really exited to support GaN Systems on their development of high performance GaN devices, enabling fast adoption of the new technology in the market. “

The major ECP advantages compared to standard IC packing and PCB assembly includes a significant form factor reduction through integration, higher reliability and improved thermal management. Furthermore, ECP provides the possibility to integrate EMI shielding, supports CTE (Coefficients of Thermal Expansion) matching and makes system integration faster and easier.

GaNPX packaging is a near chipscale embedded package which offers high current density, a low profile, optimal thermal performance and extremely low inductance, using no wirebonds. The product portfolio offered by GaN Systems includes 100V and 650V devices in both top-side and bottom-side cooling packages, with current handling up to 90A and Rds(on) down to 7 Milliohms.