Optodot and LG Chem Sign Li-ion Patent License

April 25, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Optodot Corporation recently granted a license to LG Chem Ltd. under a patent portfolio controlled by Optodot covering batteries, cells, separators and electrolyte members comprising boehmite. Boehmite is a key material used in what the battery industry calls "ceramic" coating layers.

“We are pleased that LG has shown a strong interest in the boehmite technology,” said Dr. Steven A. Carlson, president and CEO of Optodot. “Boehmite ceramic coating layers offer a number of distinct benefits in lithium ion batteries, including improved thermal stability to enhance the safety of lithium ion batteries.”

The patent portfolio includes 20 patents issued in the U.S., Japan, Korea, China, and Europe. The license permits LG Chem, the largest Korean chemical company and a leading battery manufacturer headquartered in Seoul, Korea, to utilize boehmite separator films for lithium-ion batteries.

Optodot Corporation is an intellectual property, product development, and contract services company specializing in a wide variety of products, including lithium ion batteries and separators. In addition to developing its own boehmite ceramic coating, Optodot is developing next-generation all-ceramic boehmite separators that are being evaluated by several leading lithium ion battery manufacturers.

The all-ceramic separators, trademarked NPORE®, eliminate the need for the polyolefin support layer, offering an unparalleled combination of higher heat resistance and thinner ceramic separators for safer, higher energy density lithium ion batteries.