OPTI-UPS Increases UPS Power Handling Capabilities

July 05, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

OPTI-UPS Corp. (Brea, CA) announced they have increased the power handling capabilities of their entire UPS product line. OPTI-UPS says their equipment will provide more power to run personal computer equipment, with maximum watt ratings now equal to the maximum VA ratings. OPTI-UPS now offers a "Unity Power" feature, increasing power output due to the technological trend in which the power factor of a typical computer system has increased from 0.7 to almost 1.0. In the past, the maximum watt rating of computer equipment was typically between 60 to 70 percent of the maximum VA rating. Now the wattage used by a modern computer is almost the same as the VA drawn. "This rating makes it easier for resellers to explain and determine which OPTI-UPS unit matches specific client needs and requirements to protect their equipment efficiently," said Tom Allen, OPTI-UPS marketing services manager.