NYSERDA and Alternative Fuels Tech. Develop Hybrid-Electric Power Train

March 01, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announced it is working with Alternative Fuels Technologies Corp. (Queens, NY) to develop a hybrid-electric power train that can be retrofitted into existing vehicles, enabling the use of hybrid-electric technology without the high costs associated with new hybrid-electric vehicles. The project will be directed towards urban delivery vehicles and other fleet vehicles, which are commonly refurbished with new or rebuilt engines, transmissions, or other power train components."NYSERDA has been at the forefront of hybrid-electric vehicle technology, but its acceptance has been limited by its cost," stated NYSERDA President F. William Valentino. "By focusing on retrofit technology, Alternative Fuels Technologies has the potential to rapidly expand the market by eliminating the cost associated with developing an entire vehicle. Also, focusing on urban delivery vehicles places the technology where it provides the most benefit to air quality."According to NYSERDA, the AFTCO power train will incorporate low-cost, standard commercial components, and be designed to accommodate a wide range of light- and medium-duty delivery trucks. AFTCO will design and install its systems into a test vehicle that will undergo a series of tests to simulate routine commercial operations. If the test proves adequate, AFTCO will work with a fleet operator to test it in commercial service.