Nuvera's Fuel Cells Announces Shipment of Systems

July 20, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Nuvera Fuel Cells (Cambridge, MA) announced that it will be shipping a complete gasoline-powered fuel processing systems designed for testing fuel cell transportation applications. The units, which will be delivered to four major automotive companies in the US, Europe and Japan, will be integrated with fuel cell stacks to attempt to validate gasoline as an emerging fuel of choice for fuel cell vehicles.Nuvera will also ship a gasoline-powered fuel processing system to Plug Power LLC (Latham, NY) as part of an ongoing US Department of Energy program to advance the development of transportation-based fuel cell systems."We have taken significant steps toward leading the industry in advancing the development of clean, low-cost and reliable fuel cell powered vehicles that will more than double fuel efficiency, resulting in dramatic fuel cost reductions," stated Jeffrey Bentley, senior vice president and COO of Nuvera Fuel Cells.