Nuvation Expands in Large-Scale Battery Energy Storage

March 29, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

Nuvation Engineering has announced the launch of Nuvation Energy, a brand dedicated to providing products and services for large-scale battery energy storage. The battery energy storage industry has been growing at a rapid pace over the last five years due to increased demand from utilities and EV manufacturers, as well as significant performance improvements and cost reductions in battery chemistry.

Nuvation provides energy storage software and hardware design and engineering support to battery manufacturers, ESS integrators, and new technology developers.

“The decision to create Nuvation Energy emerged after Nuvation Engineering began fulfilling numerous requests for our off-the-shelf battery management systems and found strong demand for many other aspects of our power engineering and electronic design expertise.” said Michael Worry, Nuvation CEO.

“Nuvation developed its own first-time-right Integrated Design to Manufacturing engineering methodologies while completing more than 800 electronic design projects over the past 20 years,” he added.

In 2013 Nuvation launched Nuvation BMS, its fourth-generation battery management system targeted at grid-scale energy storage. Developed over eight years, Nuvation BMS can manage tens of thousands of battery cells and up to 48 1250Vdc stacks in parallel. Today, Nuvation BMS is in the field managing systems such as: Alevo’s 2-MW/1-MWh lithium-ion GridBank energy storage containers; Stalwart Power’s 17-kWh solar PV smoothing ESS; Island-grid lead-acid battery monitoring systems used in the South Pacific; and Energy storage systems for secondary power in recreational vehicles.

Today Nuvation Energy is working with ESS developers on a wide range of product development challenges from battery pack design and energy storage system integration to custom energy management solutions.

This year, Nuvation also added a low-voltage BMS to its product family and began expanding its remote battery monitoring and management software to include a suite of energy management support features.

“This multi-disciplinary experience enables our energy storage customers to rapidly overcome many of the more complex aspects of designing solutions for heavily networked and data-driven utility grids,” said Worry.