New Online Power Supply Distributor

December 06, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

ThePowerSupplyShop.Co.UK offers buyers of power conversion products a round-the-clock ordering service for a wide range of AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC and AC-AC converters and UPS systems with free delivery in the UK. Suppliers to ThePowerSupplyShop.Co.UK currently include PULS, MGV, Heinzinger, Autronic, Gammatronics and Pioneer Magnetics.

The new website provides all visitors with online availability checking and secure ordering. OEM’s and large users have the facility to set up password protected individual accounts and negotiate special pricing schedules dependant on their requirements. In addition to the fully automated e-commerce purchasing system a full sales office offering a personal service and technical support is available by telephone or site visit.

“We have power supply designers in Europe and the USA able to offer advice and support with any aspect of power supply use and for anyone with power supply problems,” stated Andy Moore, Sales Manager of ThePowerSupplyShop.Co.UK “With decades of power supply experience at our disposal our objective is always to offer solutions to power supply needs that are both cost effective and reliable. We want to sell power supplies that don’t come back, to customers that do.”

The initial concept for ThePoweSupplyShop.Co.UK was to offer 24-hour support to service engineers in markets such as process control and manufacturing industries that need to be able to order industrial power supplies any time a field failure may occur to minimise factory downtime. A 24 hour sales website offering next day shipping removed the delays of having to wait to place orders during “office hours”.

The success of this original idea was much greater than expected and the idea for a much greater product offering with customers having secure accounts with additional benefits led to the development of the full-service, broad-line power supply distributor that is now ThePowerSupplyShop.Co.UK.

Many thousands of globally sourced standard power supplies are now available, most from stock. Added value and full custom designs may also be commissioned and full service and application support is available. Full product data-sheets and latest news may be downloaded from the website at any time.