NEMA Releases Premium Motor Specification

June 15, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA, Rosslyn, VA) released General Specification for Consultants, Industrial and Municipal: NEMA Premium™ Efficiency Electric Motors (600V or Less). This is the first time specific information has been developed to assist users and system designers in specifying the use of NEMA Premium™ motors.

The intent of this specification is to outline the minimum requirements for three-phase, ac induction motors applied to municipal and industrial applications for operation on voltages 600V or less, rated 500HP or less, operating more than 2,000 hours per year at greater than 75% of full-load.

The specification is available and is priced at $31. It can be purchased by contacting Global Engineering Documents at (800) 854-7179 (within the US), (303) 397-7956

(international), (303) 397-2740 (fax), or through its website.