NEMA Publishes Guide for Evaluating Surge Protective Devices

June 14, 2019 by Scott McMahan

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published NEMA SPD 1.1-2019 Part 1—Surge Protective Device Specification Guide for Low-Voltage Power Distribution Systems. The new guide is the first in a series meant to offer guidance on evaluation, specification, and use of surge protective devices (SPD) used in low-voltage power distribution system applications.

The information in the guide is intended to identify the system compatibility and performance ratings of a surge protective device (SPD) that the manufacturer of the SPD should address.

"This specification guide is primarily for those who use or specify SPDs and others affiliated with the low-voltage SPD marketplace so that uniformity of specifications and parameters will improve comprehension, application, and utilization," said Saad Lambaz, Global Standards Manager at Littelfuse, Inc., NEMA Low Voltage Surge Section Member.

This guide represents the consensus of NEMA's Low Voltage Surge Protective Device (SPD) Section 5VS.

It features SPD ratings related to the operating system and performance and includes a specification checklist, information on surge current ratings, and modes of protection, as well as general grounding practices.

NEMA SPD 1.1-2019 is $64 in hard copy or electronic download from the NEMA website.