NEC and Amergin to Deploy 60MW of Grid-Scale Energy Storage

May 12, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

NEC Energy Solutions and Amergin Energy LLC announced an agreement to deploy at least 60MW network of NEC Energy's integrated battery storage systems for Amergin's late stage developments for grid-scale energy storage within PJM Interconnection. This network is expected to commence construction in 2015 and be fully operational by mid-2016. The 60MW network will provide over 525MW-hours of flexible power resource per annum.

In 2014, NEC Energy began collaborating with Amergin to aid in deployment of U.S. grid-scale energy storage solutions by providing initial financing alongside Akula Energy Ventures. NEC Energy will provide its GSSâ„¢ Grid Storage Solution technology as well as operational support throughout the network's 20-year useful life, integrating with Amergin's proprietary operational systems. The GSSâ„¢ technology has already been deployed in megawatt-scale installations, totaling over 110MW to date, operating in commercial revenue service improving the reliability and flexibility of electric grids around the world.

"Battery energy storage is a massive global opportunity. We sought proven battery technology partners to not only provide systems for our 60MW storage network, but also to aid Amergin's on-going growth. NEC Energy had, by far, the longest track record of success, having deployed the vast majority of energy storage in PJM to date. Our relationship with NEC Energy is an important step to leverage the franchise of both companies in the US and abroad," said Tom Brayman, Founder and Managing Partner for Amergin Energy.

Within the PJM region, NEC Energy has already deployed 54MW of its GSSâ„¢ technology performing frequency regulation, with 32MW in Elkins West Virginia, 20MW in Moraine Ohio, and 2MW in Norristown Philadelphia. NEC Energy also supports and services these sites for its customers, ensuring they are running smoothly. These sites have been demonstrating approximately 99% commercial availability since operation started.