Near Field Wireless Charging Technology Receives EU ‘CE Marking’ Certification

May 01, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Energous Corporation today announced it has secured a CE Marking for its WattUp Near Field wireless charging technology operating in the 900MHz band, a certification that covers products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). The WattUp Near Field technology allows for contact-based charging capabilities, as well as interoperability with any WattUp-enabled receiving device.

Energous’ WattUp Near Field charging transmitter and receiver technology, which includes the Energous power amplifier, transmitter and receiver chips designated as the DA4100, DA3210 and the DA2210 respectively, received an EU Type of Examination Certificate which demonstrates conformity to the Radio Equipment Directive (RED), including the Essential Requirements for obtaining the CE Mark.

The technology underwent rigorous testing and independent review to confirm it met all requirements including health, safety and environmental protection standards for products sold within the EEA, which includes 28 EU member states as well as three member states of the EFTA (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

In addition, Energous this week secured equivalent certifications in Australia, Belize, Colombia, New Zealand, Uruguay and Venezuela.

“Energous has a number of top-tier customers planning global launches of WattUp-enabled consumer devices. As a result, our regulatory team has been focused on leveraging the recently announced FCC certification of our Near Field wireless charging solution to obtain the additional certifications needed for our customers to deploy their upcoming products worldwide,” said Stephen R. Rizzone, CEO of Energous.

“The announcement today represents a total of 38 countries in 5 regions that are now certified for Energous Near Field wireless charging transmitter and receiver technology. Our investors and customers can expect to see a number of additional certification announcements as the momentum for Wireless Charging 2.0 expands and accelerates,” Rizzone concluded.

“The significance of these global certifications cannot be overstated, as it opens up the market worldwide for manufacturing and deployment of WattUp wireless charging systems,” added Mark Tyndall, senior vice president of corporate development & strategy at Dialog Semiconductor, Energous’ strategic partner and manufacturer of WattUp ICs.

“As the only technology that can do both at-contact and at-a-distance wireless charging today, Energous is paving the way for Wireless Charging 2.0,” stated Tyndall.

Energous secured an industry-first FCC Part 18 certification for its Mid Field wireless charging transmitter and receiver late last year. As the only technology that is capable of both contact-based and at-a-distance wireless charging, as well as having the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously, WattUp is highly scalable for a variety of devices and virtually any manufacturer.

The WattUp ecosystem, similar to WiFi, ensures interoperability between receivers and transmitters, making the entire ecosystem flexible and accessible for consumers and manufacturing partners.