Smart, Wireless AI Charging for EV Car Parks

June 03, 2024 by Mike Falter

Wireless electric vehicle charging could soon be as easy as parking the car. Two Israeli companies are partnering to bring a streamlined, energy-efficient wireless charging technology to car parks.

Charging Robotics Inc. and Make My Day Ltd., both based in Tel Aviv, are nearing completion of a software solution using artificial intelligence (AI) to better manage electric vehicle (EV) charging in automatic car parks. The charge management software will use machine learning and predictive algorithms to charge vehicles more efficiently, eliminate waste, and preserve electricity supplies.   

The software will be applied in automatic car parks using Charging Robotics’ wireless charging system and is designed to address concerns over the ability of current electricity supplies to fully meet the demands for EV charging in a typical car park.  


Wireless EV charging.

Wireless EV charging. Image used courtesy of Charging Robotics


Automatic Car Parks and EV Charging

Automatic car parks use technology to park autonomously in vertical garages without driver assistance. Due to their ability to park many vehicles in a relatively small area, automatic parking systems are gaining popularity in crowded and space-constrained urban regions.

Automatic car parks offer several advantages over traditional parking garages regarding parked vehicle density, security, and costs. However, with the increased EV adoption, an emerging challenge for automatic car parks is supplying enough electricity to keep all the EVs parked in the facility properly charged.  


Automatic car park

Automatic car park. Image used courtesy of Charging Robotics


Intelligent Distribution of Charging Power

To maximize the limited electricity supply available to densely packed automatic car parks, the charging management software will use predictive machine learning and AI algorithms to determine how much electricity each EV should get based on its projected usage.

The sequencing of charges, delivered through Charging Robotics’ wireless charging platform, is also optimized by prioritizing vehicles the system deems will depart the car park sooner.  According to the two companies, vehicle type and even individual driving patterns will also factor into how charging power is distributed.


EV fleet management software

EV fleet management software. Image used courtesy of Make My Day


The software is derived from Make My Day’s EV fleet management solution and interfaces with Charging Robotics’ wireless charger user interface. The key data for its predictive algorithms can be fed directly from the EV or via an app on the driver’s mobile device (such as a trip-planning app).   


Wireless and Robotic EV Charging

For automatic car parks, Charging Robotics offers stationary wireless charging solutions to charge EVs without needing to plug in. According to the company, its wireless charging platform can deliver 10 kW of electricity at efficiencies up to 95% using small coils with sophisticated control programs and advanced power electronics designs.  

Charging Robotics’ mobile solutions are used with a mobile app that allows drivers to direct an autonomous robot under the vehicle to deliver a charge to the EV’s batteries.  


Autonomous robot for wireless EV charging.

Autonomous robot for wireless EV charging. Image used courtesy of Charging Robotics


Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Charging Robotics develops various mobile robotic and stationary wireless charging solutions. Make My Day specializes in EV fleet management solutions to help companies transition their vehicle fleets to electric drivetrain technologies.