Myers Emergency Power Acquires Emergency Lighting Controls and Inverter Maker

November 26, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Graham Partners, a private investment firm targeting technology-driven advanced manufacturing companies, announced that its portfolio company, Myers Emergency Power Systems, LLC (Myers EPS), a designer and manufacturer of engineered emergency lighting power solutions, has acquired the business of Low Voltage Systems, Inc. (LVS). Headquartered in San Leandro, California, LVS is a family-owned manufacturer of commercial lighting solutions, with a leading position in the fast-growing emergency lighting control and dc-ac inverter segments of the industry.

Leon Hermans, the President and former majority owner of LVS, will retain an investment in Myers EPS and will continue to support the company's future growth and profitability as a senior member of the combined management team.

LVS represents an opportunity for Myers EPS to partner with the leading provider of emergency lighting controls, expanding Myers EPS' product offering to include both emergency backup power solutions and the lighting controls for those solutions. Emergency lighting is required in all public buildings to facilitate safe egress in the event of a power outage or crisis, and emergency lighting controls are required to automatically activate when there is a disruption.

These controls are highly technical as they must override energy efficiency functionalities in the event of an emergency to ensure minimum illumination requirements are maintained and must have the capability to integrate with the overall "smart building" ecosystem. Because of their importance in power crises and the rise of smart buildings and environments, emergency lighting controls are growing rapidly and are heavily regulated.

LVS is a leader, innovator, and technical expert in this field, offering a wide range of high quality products across three types of controls, a patented self-testing feature, and excellent customer service.

Leon Hermans, President of LVS, states, "Myers EPS' customer-centric culture and commitment to technical excellence are a natural fit for LVS. We look forward to partnering with John Daly and the rest of the Myers EPS team to grow the combined business together. We are also enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with Graham, whose family heritage and operating resources resonated with us when selecting a partner."

Rob Newbold, Managing Principal at Graham Partners, adds, "We are excited to expand Myers EPS' product offering with LVS, a leader in the fast growing emergency lighting controls space. The combination further deepens our management team and is expected to accelerate Myers EPS' growth."

Steven Graham, CEO of Graham Partners, concludes, "Myers EPS and LVS are prime examples of high potential, technology-driven companies benefiting from an industry conversion and we are enthusiastic about combining these two businesses."