MVV Energie Takes Stake in Energy Photovoltaics

January 11, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

MVV Energie AG (Germany) has taken a 33-percent stake in Energy Photovoltaics Inc. (EPV, Princeton, NJ) in a move to secure access to EPV's solar-energy technology. In a press report, MVV spokesman Heinz Egerman confirmed that his company had secured exclusive rights to produce and market EPV's thin-film photovoltaic modules in Germany.

“There is an unmet demand for PV cells in Germany, where the long-term subsidization of solar energy is encouraging the installation of more such units in private homes and municipal housing schemes," Egerman commented. “It is hoped that EPV can start commercial production of its new process soon and that MVV can take delivery of EPV modules as early as next year." He added, “EPV's technology has an edge over the competition because it is low in cost, but highly energy efficient."

In a law passed a year ago, Germany made a minimum usage of solar power mandatory.