Moltech-Powered HEVs Win Two Competitions

August 22, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Moltech Corp. (Gainesville, FL) announced that the University of Wisconsin students receiving top rankings in the Tour de Sol and FutureTruck 2001 competitions for hybrid-electric vehicles employed Moltech NiMH batteries for both competitions.

In the FutureTruck 2001 competition, the University of Wisconsin team was given the challenge of re-engineering a full-size SUV to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions while continuing to meet consumer expectations for performance and comfort. Moltech's battery, which contained 1,200 NiMH batteries, reduced the weight of the truck by 160lbs and provided 250A of power at 240V. The Moltech-powered team placed second at the event. The University of Wisconsin, using a similar Moltech NiMH battery, placed first in the Tour de Sol competition.

"This is another excellent example of why NiMH is the ideal rechargeable-battery solution for high-drain, power-hungry applications," said Moltech Director of Manufacturing Dave Baggaley. "The superior performance and power of our sintered NiMH technology makes it the preferred alternative to NiCd and lead-acid in high-energy devices."