Moltech Power Systems Breaks Records with NiMH-Powered Electric Car

April 20, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Moltech Power Systems Inc. (MPS, Cainesville, FL) successfully utilized their nickel-metal hydride technology to power an electric streamliner to 254mph. This speed, reached on October 22 and 23, 1999, at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, UT, shattered the existing US and world land speed records.

The 6,040 NiMH cells in MPS's battery produced 200,000W of power to achieve the record-breaking speeds. The battery delivered up to 800A at 250V during the run; producing enough power to drive two 200HP alternating current induction motors at 10,000rpm.

"This success showcases the superior performance of nickel-metal hydride technology over other battery technologies in the most demanding applications," said MPS Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Mark Raudabaugh. "We are proud that our technology was a part of this exciting event."

MPS NiMH batteries are specifically designed to meet the demands of high-drain, power-hungry devices. In addition to high capacity, NiMH offers high peak power, high energy density and high-rate discharge. These advantages are complemented by NiMH's excellent low-temperature performance and continuous charge capability. With no added cadmium or lead, NiMH is also an environmentally preferred battery technology.

MPS and Makita launched the world's first NiMH technology designed exclusively for professional power tools in 1997. Continuous improvements and product line expansion has made NiMH suitable for many more devices. NiMH is rapidly becoming the standard for all high-drain devices.

MPS uses the latest in NiMH, nickel-cadmium and lithium technologies to offer leading-edge battery design, assembly expertise, applications engineering, battery testing and worldwide technical support.