Molex Invests in Ossia’s Cota Wireless Power Platform

January 06, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Ossia today announced a strategic investment by Molex, LLC. The investment will help expand market access to the groundbreaking Cota technology by facilitating development of new products for consumers and businesses. Cota's Real Wireless Power Platform includes a compact tabletop transmitter/charger, mobile phone and IoT receivers as well as the world's first battery that can be wirelessly charged from a distance — this allows for an AA-size battery that never runs out of power.

A forward-thinking company that is committed to helping customers develop next-generation products and technologies, Molex brings extensive engineering expertise to the new relationship. The company maintains a global footprint comprising manufacturing capabilities worldwide as well as broad sales reach, enabling Molex to assist customers as they bring innovative new products from concept to market launch and making it an ideal fit for Ossia.

"We are very excited about the direct investment from Molex as well as the opportunity for a valuable strategic relationship," said Rasha Qamheyeh, Director of Business Development for Ossia.

This investment demonstrates Molex continued commitment to support the development of innovative, high-performance solutions that directly address global industry demand. "Ossia's Cota wireless power technology is the first true game changer in the field of long distance wireless power," said Lily Yeung, director of corporate development, Molex. "Molex is very excited to work together with Ossia on this next generation technology. Our global design, engineering, manufacturing and services as well as deep expertise in power solutions will help Ossia achieve long-term success."

With a focus on a truly wireless future where all device users can receive power unencumbered by cords, much as they currently receive data wirelessly, Ossia is proud to work closely with pioneers and industry leaders like Molex. By working with strategic investors, Ossia will bring the benefits of wireless power transmission to a broader audience of consumers and industries.

"Attracting an industry powerhouse like Molex is a testament to the strength of Cota technology and its potential to reshape how we interface with the technology around us," added Hatem Zeine, CEO of Ossia.

Also today, Ossia announced today that XPNDBLS (pronounced "expandables"), an innovative accessory manufacturer, is integrating Cota wireless power technology into its modular mobile device cases. As a result of the companies' collaboration, consumers can retrofit existing devices, use the case to wirelessly charge new devices or store energy in an external battery for later use with charged devices.

XPNDBLS features a modular platform that allows third-party hardware developers to integrate their unique technologies with mobile phones and tablets and take advantage of the built-in interface and scalability across multiple smart devices due to XPNDBLS patent-pending modular design. XPNDBLS is unique because, unlike traditional battery-charging cases that feature a battery that is locked into the external housing, the XPNDBLS mobile platform works with interchangeable electronics to enable use across a range of devices.

"With our modular design approach, we're an ideal partner for third-party developers like Ossia who want to expand the market for their innovative products," said Kero Basilious, founder of XPNDBLS. "The synergy from our collaboration will enable creation of ground-breaking, future-proof products that will enhance the user experience."

Approximately the size of a small PC tower, Cota uses patented smart antenna technology to safely deliver targeted energy to devices up to 30 feet away, making sure the devices are always powered up and ready to use. The technology functions similarly the way WiFi transmitters deliver data to devices. Cota safely transmits energy around corners and over obstacles without requiring a direct line of sight.

"Working with XPNDBLS allows us to deliver the benefits of Cota receivers to market much more quickly," said Zeine. "In addition to enabling us to bring wireless charging to market more quickly via new devices, our collaboration with XPNDBLS allows users to retrofit existing models for a range of different devices, making a Cota ecosystem both accessible and attainable in the short term."