MobileWise Intros Wire-Free Electric Power Technology

October 01, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

MobileWise Inc. (Los Altos, CA) demonstrated the first application of its wire-free, electric power technology for mobile devices such as notebooks, PDAs and mobile phones that solves the dependency on plugging in mobile devices for electric power. The Wire-Free-Electricity Base™ and its power delivery counterpart, the Wire-Free-Electricity Adapter™ enables the mobile device to draw power from the Wire-Free Electricity Base.

The Wire-Free-Electricity Adapter connects directly to a device's power input, has a tiny footprint, and does not require any redesign of the electronic circuits within the device. The flat surface of the Wire-free Electricity Base resembles a small desk blotter. Once a MobileWise-enabled device is placed anywhere on the Wire-Free-Electricity Base, it will be powered and charged, as if it is plugged to an electric outlet. The Wire-Free-Electricity Base is safe to use, emits no harmful radiation, and causes no radio interference. The base and the adapter are designed to enable power delivery into a mobile device regardless of its location or orientation on the base's surface, allowing multiple mobile devices to be safely charged and powered simultaneously.

"This technology will free up mobile professionals from consciously thinking about power delivery to their mobile devices wherever they go," said MobileWise CEO Andy Goren. "Charging mobile devices would become automatic, akin to using Wireless LANs to access data. With MobileWise technology, mobile devices can be recharged and powered without having to carry an assortment of power adapters, chargers and cords. This makes the use of mobile devices even simpler. No plugs, no wires, no compatibility issues."