Miles Electric Vehicles Signs First Distributor Agreement In The EU

January 23, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

California based manufacturer Miles Electric Vehicles has completed its first international distribution agreement with AllGreenVehicles of the Netherlands, which will bring the Miles low speed, all electric vehicle line to the three Benelux countries of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

AllGreenVehicles is affiliated with Noordam Performance, described as long standing and well known proponents of electric technology within the transportation industry.

"The Noordam’s are leading suppliers in the all electric transportation field, and they understand the aspirations of fleets and consumers in the European Union to go green," stated Miles CEO, Jeff Boyd. "In addition, they believe in the viability of the growing low speed market as well as the highway speed market which Miles will be entering next year."

The venture, known as Miles-Benelux BV, will be responsible for EU Certification of Miles low speed vehicles as well as establishing sales and service channels in the Benelux countries. MILES-Benelux BV will be receiving its first allocation of Miles vehicles in January, and volume allocations will be available in the second quarter of 2008.

"We have researched all of the international companies that are trying to enter the all electric business, but only Miles Electric Vehicles has products that are available today’s products that meet our safety, performance and quality requirements," Martijn Noordam, Principal of MILES-Benelux BV, said of the joint venture.

Founded in 2005 by activist/entrepreneur Miles Rubin, Miles Electric Vehicles is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, and markets a line of low speed, all electric cars and trucks, which combine U.S. electric motor and controller technology with China’s battery and vehicle manufacturing capabilities. Miles states that it is currently developing an affordable, all electric highway speed vehicle for distribution in 2009.