Midtronics Announces New Motive Business Unit

October 07, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Midtronics (Willowbrook, IL) announced the creation of a new business unit focused on strengthening the company’s position in the motive power industry.

The new division will focus on technology and product development to provide innovative solutions for motive-vehicle users based upon Midtronics’ success in automotive and standby power applications, including battery analyzers, monitors and diagnostic chargers. The move also aligns with Midtronics’ recent acquisition of the Quicksmart technology from Exide Technologies (Princeton, NJ).

"Midtronics realizes the importance of the motive power industry as an integral part of the 21st century economy," said Bernie Kadow, the new business unit director for motive power. "Battery-powered vehicles are becoming critical in a variety of applications and Midtronics’ advanced technologies and battery management experience will help drive improved performance and cost reductions."