Microgrid Management Software for Distributed Generation

September 24, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Siemens has introduced Spectrum Power 7 Microgrid Management System (SP7 MGMS), the company's first advanced microgrid management software. This SCADA-based software solution allows microgrid operators to dynamically manage and control distributed energy resources through integrated weather and load forecasting. The software allows each microgrid to operate based on its particular goals, whether economic or environmental, and allows utilities to more efficiently integrate distributed generation resources like renewables. Microgrid customers will experience increased grid resiliency, better power quality and greater ability to add sustainable power sources to their energy mix.

“Energy producers, consumers, and distribution operators are all looking at adopting microgrids to increase energy resiliency, enable distributed resources and renewables, and optimize costs,” said Mike Carlson, president of Siemens Smart Grid North America. “This new solution gives utilities and end-users the ability to adopt a microgrid strategy to take advantage of integrating distributed power like renewables while managing traditional energy sources on their grid systems more efficiently.”

The MGMS system enables microgrid operators to participate in energy markets by intelligently managing their own power generation with visibility into the power needs of the grid. Operators can plan power generation based on energy market price forecasts from 15 minute to hourly increments and up to day-ahead or seven day-ahead horizons. This allows microgrid operators to achieve full economic value from the microgrid while maintaining their traditional base load needs and minimizing carbon footprint.

The control software is responsible for microgrid operation while connected or disconnected from the utility grid and can interface with local utility systems to ensure the utility control systems (EMS/DMS) and the microgrid control systems work together efficiently and reliably. The software can be deployed at the control center or at a remote site and features not only renewable, but energy storage systems integration and control. The software uses standard utility communication protocols to communicate with the control center and also features frequency and voltage control. It has advanced cyber security included and will meet NERC CIP requirements for a control center deployment. .

The SP7 MGMS software is “operator-free” and does not require traditional 24-7 monitoring. The solution is built on a utility grade SCADA platform giving it the power to handle any microgrid application and ensure interoperability with other load control systems.