Micro Power Announces Integrated Power Supply Capabilities

November 10, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Micro Power Electronics announced support for custom, integrated ac-dc and dc-dc power supplies. To complement its line of SelfCHARGE battery chargers and docking stations, Micro Power offers ac-dc and dc-dc power supplies integrated directly onto circuit board subassemblies resident within a battery charger, docking cradle or other portable product power accessory. The integration of a system’s primary power converter can reduce recurring product cost, improve reliability, help clear compliance hurdles and optimize power consumption and efficiency.

Micro Power’s range of design and manufacturing expertise includes low and medium power solutions from five to 500W, single and multiple constant voltage power outputs, high efficiency switching topologies, harmonic power factor correction for ac-powered devices above 60W and commercial and medical regulatory compliance.

Micro Power released several custom battery chargers and docking stations with integrated power supplies for various applications including military radios, medical products, rugged notebook computers and bar code scanners.

"Integrated bulk power conversion is a natural extension of our battery charger and portable product accessories," said Bob Staub, Business Manager for SelfCHARGE products at Micro Power. "Our OEM customers seek the optimal blend of product features, power efficiency and regulatory compliance, and we’ve demonstrated that Micro Power can fill these requirements with our domestic and Asian manufacturing facilities."