Machine Learning Enables PowerInsight Analytics Solutions for Manufacturing Processes

October 22, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. introduced AE's PowerInsight™, claimed to be the industry's first big data analytics enabling solution for critical power delivery systems. PowerInsight transforms the data acquired from power delivery systems into useable insights, through a combination of enhanced data sets and advanced analytics. These capabilities allow AE customers to maximize performance, reduce costs and improve yield in their manufacturing processes.

Developed for AE's services and industrial manufacturing markets and complementing existing industry solutions with a focus on power delivery, PowerInsight leverages machine learning in combination with modern data science methodologies to drive advanced diagnostics and predictive analytics for process power applications and equipment. The platform also supports customers' big data and artificial intelligence initiatives by providing enabling infrastructure and data sets.

"Data-driven decision making, enabled by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is becoming an integral part of manufacturing industries, but the data provides little meaning until it is transformed into digestible, actionable information. With PowerInsight, we are enabling our critical components to be the smart nodes that power Industry 4.0, providing our customers with insights to operate their systems more efficiently and diagnose problems quickly," said Isabel Yang, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Advanced Energy.

"Initial feedback from our customers has been remarkably positive, with PowerInsight demonstrating material improvements to our customers' cost and process performance," Yang concluded.

Combining AE's 30 years of domain experience in power delivery with rich, contextualized data sets, PowerInsight enables optimization of smart factory performance by providing unique insights on power delivery systems to help customers maximize power delivery and performance, minimize costly unplanned equipment downtime and improve yield.

PowerInsight can, for example, enable Fault Detection and Classification (FDC) with unique additional signals for process parameter correlations and can expand to self-diagnostics and calibration of our power delivery systems over time.

PowerInsight is available now to industrial and services customers through AE's global service organization, offering flexible deployment options with both on premise and hybrid cloud options, and can be configured and tuned to address specific customer requirements and needs. It will soon be available for semiconductor applications.