LTC Receives Li-Ion Polymer Battery Order from NASA Lewis Research Center

February 09, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Lithium Technology Corp. (LTC, Plymouth Meeting, PA) announced it has received a small purchase order from the NASA Lewis Research Center for 20 large prototype lithium-ion polymer cells. The company had responded to a NASA Lewis solicitation seeking potential sources of li-ion polymer batteries for testing against the varied requirements of NASA's aerospace mission. LTC's proposal to NASA Lewis was based on its large (4" x 8" x 1/4") high-capacity/high-energy density cells originally developed for notebook computer and portable medical equipment applications requiring a 90Wh battery."We are obviously very pleased that NASA Lewis has decided to test the large 8Ah cells produced on our pilot line," stated George R. Ferment, executive vice president of operations and CTO. "This serves to further illustrate the growing demand for the ultrathin high capacity rechargeable batteries made possible by lithium-ion polymer technology."