Lineage Power Opens New Global Headquarters and R&D Center In Plano, Texas

September 19, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Lineage Power Corp. has opened its new global headquarters and R&D center of innovation in Plano, Texas.

"Lineage is proud to be the newest member of Plano – the center of the power industry community," said Craig Witsoe, CEO of Lineage Power. "As the first name in power, our team is focused on the mission to help thousands of customers in 75 countries achieve end-to-end total efficiency for power conversion solutions. It is the R&D, quality assurance, performance testing and customer service conducted here in Plano that gives Lineage Power the ability to lead the way in the delivery of safe, reliable and energy efficient solutions that lower costs and accelerate delivery of new voice, video and data subscriber services."

The company is highlighting its Total Efficiency (TE) technology being developed at the new Plano facilities. TE is described as an innovative architecture that helps telecommunications carriers, wireless operators, internet service providers and large enterprises reduce energy loss and lower cooling costs by 50-70%. "That’s enough energy savings to power the city of San Francisco for an entire year," Witsoe added.

TE architecture products will prioritize sustainable energy sources such as solar, wind, water and fuel cells over traditional utility grid or diesel generator energy sources. TE will also intelligently respond to smart grid information to reduce energy consumption during peak demand periods. The Lineage Power Total Efficiency architecture is said to address issues end-to-end based on proven experience and services expertise in batteries, power distribution, dc UPS, ac-dc power supplies, and dc-dc board mounted power to deliver a solution which the company describes as is more safe, reliable and energy efficient than alternatives from competitors.