LG Chem has ambitious BESS Plans

May 26, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Duke Energy, LG Chem and Greensmith will team up to build a battery-based energy storage system in Ohio, designed to enhance reliability and increase stability on the electric power grid, the companies announced today. The new 2-MW storage project will assist in regulating electric grid frequency for PJM, the transmission organization that powers much of the eastern U.S. At the same time, Gexpro announced that it will offer, in conjunction with Geli, Ideal Power and LG Chem, a Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS), Gexpro Power IQ, to commercial and industrial customers. Gexpro will rely on its extensive distribution network and energy solutions expertise, widely recognized by its customers, to promote Gexpro Power IQ, a key and innovative offering amongst its sustainability and energy efficient solutions suite.

The first BESS available from Gexpro will be a 30kW, 45kWh complete turnkey solution for use in the North American behind-the-meter demand charge reduction market. Demand charges in many states can be up to 50% of the total energy bill for a commercial consumer. A typical installation will use between one and eight 30kW Battery Energy Storage Solutions in a commercial building with high peak loads such as retail, office buildings and schools.

SVP and General Manager of Gexpro, Jim Hibberd, said "As part of Gexpro's total energy solution program of energy reduction and production, we are excited to add energy storage to complete our total energy solution offering."

"We are excited to provide the Geli Energy Operating System, Demand Charge Management Energy App, and Internet of Energy Platform to bring together world-class components and distribution to introduce a new model of delivering energy storage system solutions in packages designed for easy deployment by solar and energy developers," said Dr. Ryan Wartena, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Geli.

"Ideal Power is thrilled to have been selected by Gexpro to supply its innovative, award-winning power conversion systems to Gexpro's new line of Battery Energy Storage Systems," stated Dan Brdar, Chief Executive Officer of Ideal Power. "Gexpro's reach into electrical contractors and utilities opens up a whole new channel of potential customers and partners which will give Ideal Power the ability to capture even more of this exciting growth market for which our converters are ideally suited."

The system to be built at Duke Energy's retired W.C. Beckjord coal-fired power plant in New Richmond, Ohio, and is expected to be operational by late 2015. The Ohio project adds to Duke Energy's installed base of commercially operating energy storage systems. With the addition of the new project, the company will operate a total of 4 MW of energy storage at Beckjord, where a separate 2-MW storage system already exists. It continues Duke Energy's exploration of energy storage solutions and their potential for broad adoption.

LG Chem will deliver the Ohio project's integrated operating system, comprised of advanced lithium-ion batteries. Greensmith will provide intelligent energy storage control and analytics software, and system integration services. Parker Hannifin will provide a 2-MW power conversion inverter.

"Fast-responding energy storage is recognized for the tremendous benefits it provides to grid operations, because it can instantaneously absorb excess energy from the grid or release energy," said Phil Grigsby, Duke Energy's vice president of commercial transmission. "Delivering that power in seconds, as opposed to a power plant that could take 10 minutes or more to ramp up, is the unique value the battery system provides to grid operators.

"This accurate and rapid response will help improve the overall reliability and economic efficiency of the grid. It also demonstrates the capabilities of new technologies and the potential for future applications, such as large-scale integration of renewable energy onto the grid," Grigsby added.

"We're delighted to have been selected by Duke Energy for the Beckjord project," said Sunghoon Jang, senior vice president of LG Chem's Energy Storage Solutions business unit. "This will be our second project with Greensmith in PJM for fast-responding frequency regulation services."

"The combination of Greensmith's software with LG Chem's battery technology will provide Duke Energy with a system that exemplifies how utilities can leverage grid-scale energy storage to improve operations and increase profitability," said John Jung, Greensmith CEO.