LeydenJar Receives Financial Boost to Scale Up Silicon Anode Battery Technology

September 25, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

LeydenJar Technologies raises €22 million to scale-up production of fast charging silicon anode super batteries.

LeydenJar Technologies BV (LeydenJar) is a high tech venture company that specializes in the development of pure silicon anodes and their production technology. LeydenJar focuses on improving the energy density of lithium-ion batteries (LiBs) by replacing the more conventionally used graphite anode with a nanoporous, pure silicon anode. With this silicon-based anode, the company not only aims to increase energy density, but reduce costs of LiB production, and reduce its carbon dioxide CO2 footprint as well.

Recently, LeydenJar announced that it had raised €22 million in a new investment round. Investors which took part in the Series A investment round included Catalus Capital, YARD ENERGY, Invest-NL, ING Sustainable Investments, and Somerset Capital Partners, as well as BOM and DOEN Participations. The start-up intends to use the funds to improve and ramp up super battery production.

Image used courtesy of LeydenJar


Silicon Anode Battery Technology

As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) has increased, interest in developing new energy storage technologies that are better suited to use in EVs has arisen. Silicon anode batteries are one of the technologies that have been gaining interest from the scientific community. Research has unveiled that silicon can hold up to 10 times more charge per weight than graphite and can provide fast charging capabilities. The incorporation of a silicon anode can reduce the weight of a battery by half, making it an attractive choice for EVs. The lighter weight of silicon anode-based batteries makes them more energy efficient than traditional heavy metal cathode batteries.

A silicon anode only needs to charge for roughly 10 minutes to get 100% capacity, while it would take hours to charge a standard battery. This would allow owners of EVs time to grab some lunch or groceries before their car is ready for use again.


Fast Charging EVs and Reducing CO2

LeydenJar’s battery technology can enable EV users to get 70% more distance before charging is needed and provides a charging time of 15 minutes. Another key aspect of LeydenJar’s batteries is the sustainability of the production process. Compared with traditional LiBs, the company’s batteries can be produced with a reduced CO2 footprint of 85%.

Image used courtesy of LeydenJar


In a news release from last month, the Founder and Director of LeydenJar, Christian Rood, said, “With this investment, we can take a major step towards accelerating the energy transition, because battery technology is still often the bottleneck for the electrification of cars and many other applications. In the future, we will increasingly use batteries for all sorts of purposes. It is, therefore, necessary that they are produced in a sustainable way. We are proud of having been able to secure the support of a strong consortium of investors and we look forward to developing this technology further, together with our clients. Onward to the super-battery!”

With the funds raised, LeydenJar can further develop its battery technology and increase production to meet the demands of an increasingly electric-centric society. While doing so, the company will be endeavoring to reduce environmental impact through more sustainable production.