Legacy Power Appoints Veteran Service Manager

October 16, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Legacy Power Conversion, which manufactures Herytage™ ferroresonant UPS systems, announced that Terry Gotch has joined the company as Service Manager. In this role, Gotch will be responsible for overseeing the overall enrichment of the department, including augmenting the existing service network, expanding the field service network, and ensuring that all service-related processes and procedures are viable.

"Terry was hired by Legacy Power Conversion to improve our overall service structure," said Richard Jessen, Vice President of Sales. "Our organization is dedicated to meeting the highest level of customer service, field service and support at all times. The addition of Terry will go a long way toward our ability to fulfill this commitment on a daily basis."

Gotch, who possesses more than a decade of Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) industry experience, will oversee the service department's operations, including field service, help desk, training, service sales, accounts payable and inventory analysis.

Starting as a customer service technician with Best Power in 1996, Gotch was promoted to field service supervisor the following year. In this position, he was responsible for the day-to day operations of Nationwide Field Service, as well as for Field Service Accounts Payable and Scheduling. He was promptly promoted to field service manager, overseeing approximately 135 service technicians and training personnel, and managing a P&L Center responsible for $4 million annually.

"I immensely enjoyed my career with Best Power and was deeply saddened by the ownership transitions that took place during my tenure," said Gotch, who joins many other former Best Power employees now at Legacy Power Conversion. "When I was approached by Legacy and they relayed their vision to me, I was completely re-energized and could not wait to join this team."