Layne Holley Chosen As Observer For EVonyx's RPC Test

October 11, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Group(New York) announced that Layne Holley, editor of Electric Vehicle Progress was chosen by EVonyx Inc.(Hawthorne, NY) as their official impartial observer during a test drive of an electric vehicle powered by their new zinc-air Revolutionary Power Cell (RPC). The goal of the test drive was to set a record by driving all the way from New York to Detroit without refueling or recharging, a distance of over 600 miles. Mechanical and electrical problems, however, forced the team to take the cars off the road after 217.4 miles. This was only 35 percent of the planned run, but it nonetheless set a new distance record for fuel-cell EVs. "The car is capable of more than 600 miles, and we would have liked to break a couple more records, but we're satisfied with the results," commented Dr. Sadeg Faris, CEO of EVonyx.