Laird Acquires Nextreme Thermal Solutions Technology

February 12, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Laird Technologies, Inc.has acquired Nextreme Thermal Solutions, Inc. Nextreme’s innovative technology, delivering high precision cooling in an ultra-small form factor, is expected to help advance Laird’s leadership in its existing thermal management business. This is particularly beneficial as devices become smaller and more compact.

Nextreme and Laird currently have a strategic design and distribution partnership, but the acquisition enables wider market access to serve current and potential new customers in application areas such as sensors, solar power and LEDs. In addition Laird provides the ability to rapidly scale-up Nextreme’s operations in order to exploit the full potential of these next generation products.

Commenting on this acquisition, Chief Executive David Lockwood said: “Nextreme is the next generation in technology for thermoelectrics. It can fundamentally change the way we cool electronics at the most integrated levels while being produced in large volumes. This significant shift in technology will also enable new applications such as energy harvesting.

Nextreme is an excellent fit with our business growth strategy. Through this acquisition we will combine the most innovative technology with our market presence and ability to scale operations, to deliver added value to our customers and enable us to move into new segments.”