L-3 Communications Acquires Magnet-Motor GmbH

April 25, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

L-3 Communications has acquired Magnet-Motor GmbH. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The business has been renamed L-3 Communications Magnet-Motor (L-3 Magnet-Motor) and will report into L-3's Products Group, which is part of the company's Specialized Products reportable segment. The business is expected to contribute approximately $7 million to L-3's sales in 2006.

Headquartered in Starnberg, Germany, L-3 Magnet-Motor is a leader in the development, manufacture and field support of high-tech electric and energy systems for propulsion. The company offers systems for a broad array of platforms, including wheeled and tracked combat vehicles, commercial buses and marine vessels. The company also specializes in electric propulsion systems for the energy industry, including energy storage, energy conversion, windmill generators, dc-ac converters and inverters.

L-3 Magnet-Motor offers highly compact power electronics for propulsion and power transformation. The company provides system engineering and energy management expertise for the optimal operation of civilian and military electric vehicles, as well as diesel and gas electric vehicles, and electric hybrids with all combinations of generators and electric storage devices. L-3 Magnet-Motor currently offers more than 80 military and civilian electric propulsion systems, which have operated successfully for over 6 million road miles.

"L-3 Magnet-Motor is a world-renown developer of electronic propulsion systems, which is highly synergistic with both our Naval power and control business and our Combat Propulsion Systems division, a recognized market leader in the engineering, design and manufacture of engines, transmissions, suspension and turret drive systems," said Charles J. Schafer, president and chief operating officer of L-3's Products Group. "L-3 Magnet-Motor's advanced technologies will enhance these two businesses with state-of-the-art offerings to further reinforce L-3 as a leader in propulsion and power electronics."

"L-3 Magnet-Motor's electric drive capabilities and technologies are closely aligned with the future transformation needs of the Department of Defense as well as other international military organizations, and the company is well positioned as a supplier on the U.S. Army's Future Combat System initiative as well as the UK's Future Rapid Effects System (FRES)," Mr. Schafer concluded.