Keio University's Hiroshi Shimizu Develops the Kaz Electric Car

June 28, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Dr. Hiroshi Shimizu, a professor of the faculty of environmental information at Keio University (Japan), has designed a new eight-wheeled electric car called the Kaz, which means "peace". With 590HP, the Kaz seats eight, and is powered by rows of 3.75V lithium-ion batteries stored along its underside. Still in its prototype stage, the car is 6.7yds long, 5.5ft high, and over 6ft wide. It weighs 6,570lbs and and is able to reach maximum speeds over 186mph. The car is able to travel over 180 miles on a single charge, which takes one hour.

Shimizu commented, “When you compare the number of parts and technological complexity, electric vehicles are simpler to make than their gasoline-powered counterparts. Once production levels of electric cars go up, prices will come way down.” He added, “Going over to electric cars will be an enormous step toward realizing the Kyoto Protocol and other global efforts to cut carbon dioxide levels.”