Japanese Firms Establish Research Association for Advanced Lithium Ion Capacitor (LIC) Technology

September 08, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

JSR Corp., Tokyo Electron, and Ibiden Co. Ltd. announced the establishment of a "Research Association of Advanced LIC Technology.". By combining the technologies of JSR, Tokyo Electron and Ibiden, the three companies will work together in the development of advanced lithium ion capacitors. JSR will offer its materials technologies, while Tokyo Electron will supply its system development technologies and Ibiden will provide its package development and cell packaging technologies.

LICs are energy-storing devices, which the companies say hold the key to the effective utilization of regeneration and renewable energy.

Another prominent energy-storing device is the lithium ion battery (LIB). According to the companies, compared to the LIB, LICs can rapidly charge and discharge, and is particularly suited for energy regeneration applications. By utilizing its feature of being able to instantaneously achieve a high amount of energy, LICs are currently being used in industrial instruments such as voltage dip compensators.

The technical research association will aim to run technical due diligence of the advanced LICs in several high growth areas including the environment and energy domains. During the next three years, the association will develop original assembly technologies by using innovative cell structures and new materials etc., as well as aim to deliver compact yet highly-productive products, with improved energy density (approximately five times) of existing LICs. The advanced LICs can also be used together with LIBs, and are expected to be developed in a broad range of areas such as in automobiles, photovoltaic and wind-powered electricity.