Jadoo Power Delivers Fuel Cell to Local TV Station

March 11, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Jadoo Power Systems Inc. (Folsom, CA), a provider of portable fuel cell power systems, announced that it has delivered its professional video camera power system, the NABII, to KOVR, the CBS affiliate in Sacramento, CA. Jadoo is working with a select group of end users in this product pre-release. The NABII will be formally launched at the National Association of Broadcaster's show in Las Vegas, April 17-22. The NABII provides over three times the run time of a standard brick battery, is hot-swappable and can be refilled in less than an hour.

"Today marks the next chapter in power technology. The professional photographer now has a power solution that is flexible enough to accommodate all of their needs, as well as the increasing power needs of the newest camera systems," stated Larry Bawden, president and CEO of Jadoo. "Instead of being beholden to their batteries, photographers using Jadoo's NABII fuel cell will enjoy benefits that no other power solution can provide."