IXYS Acquires Directed Energy

May 21, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

IXYS Corp. (Santa Clara, CA) announced the acquisition of Directed Energy Inc. (DEI, Fort Collins, CO). IXYS will issue approximately 125,000 shares of common stock in the acquisition, which will be accounted for as a purchase.

DEI brings to IXYS a wide range of products and technology in RF power MOSFETs, high-power laser diode drivers, and high-voltage pulse generators. IXYS will combine DEI's expertise in RF power systems to form the DEI Colorado subsidiary. The acquisition will accelerate IXYS' penetration into new and fast-growing segments in the industrial and telecommunications markets.

Major applications served by DEI's products include high-frequency and RF power generation for semiconductor and materials processing, spectrometry, laser range-finding and measurement, imaging, and industrial materials processing. IXYS develops power semiconductor devices used to control and convert electrical power in power supplies, UPS, motor drives, and transportation.

DEI President and co-founder Ron Sherwood said, "The combination of IXYS' world-class power semiconductor technology with DEI's high-speed components, instruments and OEM products enable DEI and IXYS to serve applications in high-voltage and high-speed instruments that were not readily accessible to either party prior to the merger."

"We have been an IXYS customer for many years and used the latest IXYS RF power MOS chips with excellent results in a new product. It has been our goal to work closely with a semiconductor company like IXYS. Now we are a team." added DEI CTO and co-founder George Krausse.

"DEI has complimentary expertise that will allow us to penetrate the high-growth segments of the industrial and telecommunications markets faster," commented IXYS President and CEO Nathan Zommer.