IoT Devices can Manage Security and Data Privacy Without Human Oversight

October 09, 2019 by Paul Shepard

NXM Labs, Inc. announced the first public demonstration of the NXM Autonomous Security platform at Arm TechCon 2019. NXM is the first independent software vendor to bring Crypto Agility to PSA Certified™ Level 1 which is a key enabler for Autonomous Security for the Internet of Things (IoT).

NXM Autonomous Security is a software-based solution that enables IoT devices to manage their own security without the need for human intervention, enabling brand manufactures to more easily produce trustworthy products that offer unparalleled security, data integrity and privacy protection.

NXM leverages the advanced security features of Arm®-based chips to deliver scalable solutions that automate device onboarding and data versatility at the chip level, dramatically reducing the cost of deploying AI solutions and unlocking new recurring revenue opportunities.

NXM automates security processes to eliminate human error, a leading cause of cybersecurity breaches. To ensure data privacy, NXM automatically bifurcates machine-generated data from personally identifiable information, giving the OEM the option of storing data in compliance with privacy regulations, including GDPR and California's new IoT security law.

In the rare event that a device's security is ever compromised, the system can reset a device's encryption keys allowing the device to resume normal operation with restored security. This same technology platform will be capable of protecting devices against rapidly evolving cyber threats from future quantum computers.

"NXM Autonomous Security is about simplifying and automating security to enable machines to defend themselves," said Scott Rankine, CEO, NXM. "It frees OEMs to focus their resources on building new products secure in the knowledge that their brand reputation and customer's privacy are protected."

NXM will demonstrate its platform using distributed ledger (a.k.a. blockchain) and agile crypto technologies secured by Arm TrustZone® technology on an STM32 L5, Cortex®-M33 based chip from STMicroelectronics combined with Microsoft's Azure IoT Hub®. A second demonstration will be shown featuring quantum-safe encryption enabled by the ISARA Radiate™ Quantum-safe Toolkit and provided through NXM's Agile Crypto microservice on a M33-class board.

"It's our industry's responsibility to enable trust in autonomous devices. NXM's Autonomous Security architecture has been awarded PSA Certified Level 1 and builds on the proven capabilities of the Trusted Execution Environment provided by Arm TrustZone, enabling OEMs to create next generation trusted products customers can rely on," said Andy Rose, Chief System Architect and Fellow, Arm.

"NXM's Autonomous Security delivers never before available blockchain capabilities from the silicon level without requiring any design changes to a PSA-certified device," said Ricardo De Sa Earp, General Manager Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics.