Intelligent Energy Completes Fuel Cell Trials

July 28, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Intelligent Energy Inc. (Los Anegels, CA), an energy solutions business, announced that it has successfully completed trials of its ethanol-based fuel cell technology system. The trials show that sufficient electricity can be generated for a rural home from equipment little larger than a shoebox, using fuel derived from sugar cane.

The ethanol-based fuel cell system is one of a number of solutions for production of clean electricity using Intelligent Energy's proprietary MesoChannel™ Fuel Processor and Fuel Cell System. The solutions convert various fuels into hydrogen, from which electricity is produced. The fuels that may be used include light and heavy hydrocarbons (natural gas through to diesel), renewable fuels (such as ethanol, soy diesel and others) and decarbonized fuels (such as ammonia).

Intelligent Energy's Chairman Sir John Jennings said, "This successful demonstration is an important part of our expanding strategy to accelerate market acceptance of fuel cell technology as an alternative power source. We are deeply committed to playing our part in changing the way the world both produces and uses energy in the drive towards increased energy independence, more affordable energy, more available energy and enhanced environmental sustainability."