Infineon Technologies - Readers’ Choice Company of the Year

January 01, 2017 by Power Pulse1595211359

Infineon Technologies AG has captured the title "Readers' Choice Company of the Year for 2016." This selection is based on Infineon's domination of the 50 most-read product news stories for 2016. Infineon products account 6 of the top 50 product stories for 2016 (as measured by readership), and two of the top 5 most-read stories, including the #1 most-read product introduction for the entire year. Congratulations to the Infineon team for this impressive year of accomplishment.

In addition to a large volume of important product introductions, Infineon was busy on the business development and customer support fronts. Infineon’s announced acquisition of Wolfspeed for $850 Million (approximately €740 million) was the fifth-biggest industry news story of the year (as measured by readership). The deal also includes the related SiC wafer substrate business for power and RF power. This acquisition will enable Infineon to provide the broadest offering in compound semiconductors and will further strengthen Infineon as a leading supplier of power and RF power solutions in high-growth markets such as electro-mobility, renewables and next-generation cellular infrastructure relevant for IoT.

At electronica 2016, Infineon Technologies introduced Infineon Designer (one of the most-read news announcements coming out of electronica): the first online prototyping engine combining analog and digital simulation functionalities in an internet application. Requiring a web browser only, it is a perfect match for supporting customers in selecting the right product for a defined application. Infineon Designer works intuitively in a very short time, and neither installation nor licenses are needed.

Also in November, together with partners, Infineon founded the “ Open Laboratory for Smart Home Interconnection Security" in Beijing. Infineon is the only non-Chinese company among the founding members which include Midea, Huawei Consumer BG, Tencent and CESI, the China Electronics Standardization Institute supervised by the Ministry of industry and information technology. The partners are aiming at jointly developing security technologies for smart home appliances that are manufactured and used in China. And in December, Infineon celebrated the grand opening of a new warehouse and" Gallium Nitride (GaN) cleanroom in Mesa, Arizona.

The following are the Infineon new product stories in the PowerPulse 2016 Top 50 along with their rankings:

#1: 1200V SiC MOSFET with 45-milliOhm On-Resistance

Infineon Technologies AG has unveiled what is claimed to be a revolutionary silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET technology allowing product designs to achieve previously unattainable levels of power density and performance. Infineon's CoolSiCâ„¢ MOSFETs offer a new degree of flexibility for increasing efficiency and frequency. They will help developers of power conversion schemes to save space and weight, reduce cooling requirements, improve reliability and lower system costs. More.

#5: CoolMOS CE in SOT-223 is Lower-Cost than DPAK

Infineon Technologies AG is growing the portfolio of CoolMOSâ„¢ CE with a SOT-223 package. For Infineon's CoolMOS, this package offers a cost effective alternative to DPAK as well as space savings in some designs with low power dissipation. The SOT-223 package without middle pin is fully compatible with a typical DPAK footprint and can be used as a drop-in replacement for DPAK. This new package targets customer designs in LED lighting and mobile charger applications. More.

#12: Digital Power Evaluation Kit from Wurth and Infineon

Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG and Infineon Technologies AG are launching the jointly developed "XMC Digital Power Explorer" evaluation kit. This synchronous step-down converter, which can be assembled with two different control cards (XMC1300 - ARM® Cortex®-M0 MCU and XMC4200 - ARM® Cortex®-M4F MCU), makes it easier for developers of analog power supplies and embedded software programmers to enter the world of digital power supply. The XMC Digital Power Explorer Kit is a complete solution with hardware, software and switchable resistance load bank. More.

#22: Multimode Flyback Controller for Mid- to High-End LED Lighting

Infineon Technologies AG launched a multimode flyback controller IC for LED applications. It can shorten 'time-to-light', lower component counts and reduce operational and standby power consumption. Designed to meet the performance and efficiency demands of mid-range to high-end LED designs, the IRS2982S provides a versatile controller solution that can meet the needs of a wide variety of interior, outdoor, office and industrial lighting schemes. More.

#31: Dimming Interface IC reduces Components up to 70%

Infineon Technologies AG launched the CDM10V. The compact and highly integrated LED lighting interface IC allows designers to replace many of the discrete components used in conventional dimming schemes with a single device. Thus, it can reduce the component count and PCB space needed for dimming circuitry in LED lighting applications by up to 70 percent. Infineon's CDM10V is the industry's first single-chip lighting interface IC capable of transforming an analog 0-10V input into a PWM or dimming input signal required by a lighting controller IC. The signal is delivered as 5 mA optocoupler-ready pwm signal with 0 to 100 percent duty cycle. More.

#32: No more workarounds: Wide-Creepage TO-220 FullPAK

Infineon Technologies AG introduced the TO-220 FullPAK Wide Creepage package. The new package is offered for the 600 V CoolMOSâ„¢ CE, targeting a broad range of low power consumer applications. This package features an improved creepage and has been developed to meet the demanding requirements of open frame power supplies where pollution might lead to arcing failures of applications. More.