Infineon: Substantial Power Semiconductor Content in Medical Ventilators

April 09, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Infineon Technologies AG is playing a vital role to support the manufacturing of ventilator devices. Power semiconductors from Infineon are essential to reliably and efficiently control the motor of the ventilators, including those manufactured by a global leader in medical devices, ResMed.

Dr. Helmut Gassel

Dr. Helmut Gassel, Member of the Management Board and CMO Infineon Technologies AG, said: "We are pleased that we can contribute to support overcoming this crisis with around 38 million power semiconductors for producing medical ventilators. As the global market leader for these components, we are focusing on being able to make these products available on short notice."

Mick Farrell, CEO of ResMed

Mick Farrell, CEO of ResMed, said: "Infineon's efforts to quickly provide these semiconductors are truly lifesaving. ResMed and other ventilator producers can only meet the world's demand for these devices if component manufacturers like Infineon can meet ours. Thanks to Infineon and others for rising to this unprecedented challenge."

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"We are currently experiencing a shift toward medical equipment. Numerous manufacturers are expanding or changing their product focus and asking us for the necessary components in order to quickly meet the special demand", added Dr. Gassel on further requests in this field.

Medical ventilator - inside and outside intensive care units (ICU)

Automating a medical ventilator so that no continual operator intervention is needed for safe, desired operation requires three basic components:

  1. A power source of input energy to drive the device
  2. A motor and motor control system to convert input energy into output energy in the form of pressure and flow to regulate the timing and size of breaths
  3. A control system/controller to monitor the output performance of the medical ventilator device and the condition of the patient to see if the breath was taken

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More detailed information is available online

Infineon has a longstanding expertise and a broad product portfolio in the field of battery-operated electric motors. Infineon's power MOSFETs are designed in a unique way to bring more efficiency in motor drives, with low switching losses, low heat generation and highest reliability in operation. Their small and compact design, makes them especially suitable for portable/consumer devices.