Infineon to Launch Power Electronics Products at PCIM 2019

April 17, 2019 by Scott McMahan

At the PCIM 2019 tradeshow, Infineon is launching power products and solutions that will make a difference in designs compared to the competition.

Infineon will introduce the new product offerings in a press conference at PCIM on Tuesday, 7 May, beginning at 3:30 pm. A separate invitation will follow in the coming days.

Product Highlights

With the safe completion of the production ramp of its silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET base technology, Infineon is entering high-volume production of a comprehensive discrete product portfolio of 1200V CoolSiC™ MOSFET devices. (See image below). The discrete SiC portfolio comprises seven distinct on-resistance ratings available in both, TO247-3 and TO247-4 housings. The expansion includes a surface mount device (SMD) portfolio and a 650V CoolSiC MOSFET product family, which will be launched soon.

1200V CoolSiC MOSFET devices

The CoolGaN™ 600V e-mode HEMT devices together with the GaN EiceDRIVER™ ICs enable new levels of efficiency for high-performance applications.

Infineon will exhibit several demonstrators at the tradeshow to showcase the company's GaN solution in next-generation server, data center, charging, adapters, telecom, and motor drives.

Notably, the 48V architecture for hyper-scale data centers is evolving. Infineon says that this improved performance enables the highest efficiency and power density allowing an easy transition from 12V to 48V.

The company plans to showcase the new proprietary zero-voltage-switching capacitor converter (ZSC), thereby revealing what is possible for the future infrastructure of big data. (See image below).

Zero-voltage-switching capacitor converter (ZSC)

At PCIM 2019, Infineon will also introduce the Easy 3B package making the Easy family the broadest power module portfolio at 12mm height without a base plate. Easy 3B is the platform to stretch current inverter design to achieve higher power without changing much on the mechanical side. The new package derives many of the benefits of the family portfolio such as the flexible pin-grid system for customizing.

Adding to its large portfolio of high voltage devices, the new package XHP™ 3 will be shown. The XHP 3 is a flexible IGBT module platform for high-power applications in the range from 3.3kV up to 6.5kV. The module allows for scalable designs that boast best-in-class reliability and highest power density.

Due to its symmetrical design with low stray inductance, it offers dramatically improved switching behavior and provides a solution for demanding applications including traction, agricultural vehicles, commercial, and construction, as well as medium-voltage drives.

Infineon plans to present the first member of a new family of magnetic current sensors. The coreless HALL sensor XENSIV™ TLI4971 offers a stable and accurate current measurement for industrial applications. It lets customers individually program product parameters including the current range, the over-current threshold, and the output mode.

For its automotive customers, Infineon will launch four new derivatives of the HybridPACK™ Drive power module for the main inverters in hybrid and electric vehicles. They are optimized for different inverter performance levels between 100kW and 200kW. Since all members of the product family have an identical footprint, they allow for inverter performance to be scaled quickly and without a major system redesign.

Other PCIM 2019 highlights

  • CIPOS™ Tiny, a new member of the company's intelligent power module family
  • 1200V TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7 and emitter-controlled EC7 diode in the Easy package
  • iMOTION™ IMM100 series combines a motor controller IC and a 3-phase inverter stage in a single, highly compact 12mm x 12mm PQFN package
  • TRENCHSTOP-Featured IGBT Protected Series combines a 20A/1350V RC-H5 IGBT with a protecting gate driver IC.