India's Drive To Be An IT Giant May Be Dependent on UPSs

October 12, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

An analysis by Frost and Sullivan (San Jose, CA) indicates that India's drive to be an information technology giant is now dependent on UPSs. A growing number of telecommunications, financial services and manufacturing firms are now requiring higher levels of protection against power outages. Additionally, small and medium enterprises and offices are increasing their computing power, thereby putting more pressure on the grid-based power systems in India. Many of these power systems are already weak to begin with, failing to meet the demand for power. Frost and Sullivan maintain in their study that this market will grow because most companies cannot afford to wait until power transmissions improve. They further forecast that this market will reach $590.2 million in revenues over the forecast period."IT usage in India is expanding so rapidly that current power supply and transmission facilities in most regions will soon be unable to support the needs of most companies," says Frost and Sullivan industry expert Manoj John.