II-VI Incorporated Opens New Epi Wafer Facility

May 15, 2018 by Paul Shepard

II‐VI Incorporated announced the opening of its new high tech compound semiconductor material center of excellence in Champaign, Illinois. The ribbon-cutting ceremony (pictured above) was attended by (from right to left): Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, Dr. Chuck Mattera, President and CEO of II-VI Incorporated, Dr. Quesnell Hartmann, General Manager and co-founder of II-VI EpiWorks, Dr. David Amari, co-founder of II-VI EpiWorks.

This represents a significant milestone in II-VI's ongoing investment in its manufacturing footprint to ramp up production capacity of high performance compound semiconductor epitaxial wafers. These products serve growing markets and are at the core of 3D sensing, optical networking, wireless communications and power electronics.

Since the groundbreaking for this expansion, in November 2016, II-VI continues to actively recruit managers, engineers and technicians to join its experienced team. Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner was present at the inauguration's ribbon cutting ceremony.

"On behalf of II-VI, I would like to express my thanks to the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity for its ongoing support and unwavering commitment to our success," said Quesnell Hartmann, General Manager and co-founder of II-VI EpiWorks. "The completion of this phase in our expansion provides us with the critical infrastructure to scale our production, advance our technology, and enable us to serve the rapidly growing demand from our global customer base."

"II-VI and the State of Illinois have formed a strong partnership, sharing a vision that businesses with leading edge technology and advanced manufacturing capabilities are the most competitive over the long-term," said Dr. Chuck Mattera, President and CEO, II-VI Incorporated.

"With support from Illinois, we expect to continue to invest in this Champaign facility, by adding state-of-the-art manufacturing capacity, improving process capabilities, broadening the product portfolio and recruiting and developing a lot of talent to fill the anticipated growth in jobs and opportunities for career growth,” Mattera added.

"It's a thrill to participate in the opening of a manufacturing facility that will develop key technology enabling some of the most exciting new consumer electronics in the world," Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner said. "It showcases how local industry, strong university systems and state government can partner to realize a bold vision for a globally competitive semiconductor manufacturing center of excellence that's built right here, in the heart of our wonderful State of Illinois."

II-VI develops and manufactures compound semiconductor epitaxial wafers that enable devices to achieve high bandwidth, power efficiency and reliability.  II-VI's global compound semiconductor production capabilities include multi-purposed 6 inch wafer fabs with both epitaxy and device fabrication capabilities for GaAs, SiC and InP compound semiconductors.