IDX Releases New Products for Broadcast and Video Professionals

April 16, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

IDX System Technology announced that it will soon be releasing several new products intended for the broadcast and video professional market. The first of the new products is an ac adapter for high-definition ENG/EFP video cameras using V-mount batteries. The AC-100 100W V-Mount AC Adapter enables videographers to shoot indefinitely using standard household ac current, and with a maximum 100W output. Alternatively, standard IDX ENDURA batteries can be used as the power source. The unit features over-voltage and over-current protection, as well as over-temperature protection and a cooling fan control.

The ENDURA EC-1 portable battery charger is a pocket-sized lightweight charger (.62 lbs/280g) that enables videographers to charge most current ENDURA batteries on site during ENG/EFP field production, adding flexibility, efficiency and value to their IDX battery purchase. The charger is designed to work with ENDURA Lithium Ion batteries, including the new ENDURA ELITE 142 WH capacity dual-cartridge system as well as the E-10, E-10S, E-7 and E-7S batteries.

A new quick battery charger, designed to recharge two IDX batteries simultaneously in as little as 60 minutes, has also been introduced. The VL-2SPLUS Simultaneous Quick Battery Charger is designed for high-production ENG/EFP video production, where constant replacement of fully charged batteries is key to productions staying on time and on schedule.

The VL-2SPLUS charger enables video productions to virtually double "live" shooting time by providing simultaneous charging of two IDX Li-Ion batteries. It also features an Automatic Power Charge function, enabling the system to be a portable power supply for both a camera and/or a portable video recorder by plugging a device’s power cord into the charger’s XLR power cord adapter. V-Mount batteries can be installed on the VL-2SPlus, and serve as the power source if the unit is disconnected from the ac power. If the charger itself is connected to a wall socket, power will continue flowing to the camera or recorder even if the incoming ac power fails. With E-10 ENDURA batteries installed in PowerLink mode, the power base function allows up to 392wh of mobile dc power if the ac supply fails. The VL-2SPLUS system also provides automatic safety and protection for damaged or misused batteries, and can be used worldwide via its automatic universal ac input feature.

Batteries served by the VL-2SPLUS include the entire ENDURA line, including the new IDX ENDURA ELITE unit, and all IDX NP-type Li-Ion/Ni-CD batteries (via an optional A-E2NP charge adapter. Charging times vary for each battery line; two NP-23dx batteries will charge in as little as 60 minutes; the ENDURA ELITE battery with its far greater capacity takes approximately 185 minutes (at 4A). The VL-2SPlus also provides an internal 100W dc source when operating from the ac power.