ICBC Rewards Owners of Hybrid Gasoline/Electric Vehicles

November 20, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

The minister of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC, Canada), Joy MacPhail, announced that drivers in British Columbia who have purchased a new type of environmentally-friendly vehicle will soon receive a check for $100, courtesy of the ICBC.

Currently, Toyota and Honda offer a limited number of hybrid vehicles for sale, mostly on a pre-order basis. First-time buyers or lessees of a Honda Insight or Toyota Prius who licensed and insured their vehicle in British Columbia on or before September 30, 2001 will receive a check for $100 within one to two months of their vehicle registration. The provincial government also provides a partial provincial sales tax rebate of up to $500 to owners of environmentally-friendly vehicles

“Encouraging environmentally responsible behavior is a fundamental goal of the provincial green economy initiative," said Environment Minister Ian Waddell. “Hybrid vehicles help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve local air quality." ICBC president Thom Thompson added, “ICBC is pleased to support advanced environmental automobile technology."