Hydrogenics Unveils HyPM-LP2 Fuel Cell Module

December 11, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Hydrogenics Corp. (Mississauga, ON) unveiled its new fuel cell power module, the HyPM-LP2, which is suitable for use in a wide range of transportation and stationary applications. The benefits of the HyPM-LP2 design will be demonstrated in a fuel-cell-powered bus project by Natural Resources Canada and in a John Deere off-road vehicle.

The HyPM power modules are fully integrated power generators that only require hydrogen fuel to produce electrical power. In addition to the fuel cell stack(s), the power module includes all the associated components and subsystems that are required to systemize and run the fuel cell. The HyPM-LP2 has several distinct improvements over previous HyPM generations. The low-profile configuration of the 20kW HyPM-LP2 makes it more practical to use the power module in a wide range of transportation and stationary applications and, if necessary, to increase power output by incorporating multiple power modules.

"We are very excited by the advances we've been able to incorporate in this new design of our fuel cell power module," said Pierre Rivard, Hydrogenics president and CEO. "Our second-generation HyPM power module was unveiled in April of this year and was an impressive evolution from our first generation, but this third generation is clearly a revolutionary advance in fuel cell power module design."