Hydrogenics Launches 2002 FCATS Test System

April 15, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Hydrogenics Corp. (Toronto, Canada) and announced the launch of its next-generation 2002 FCATS product line, which is Hydrogenics' proprietary product line of automated, industrial-grade systems for the testing and optimization of fuel cells and fuel cell stacks. The new generation FCATS product line is comprised of the S-Series for single-cell testing, the L-Series for large active-area cell testing, the H-Series for high-flow testing up to 48kW and the XH-Series for high-flow testing up to 100kW.

"We are very proud of the repeated success Hydrogenics has experienced with its FCATS product line," said President and CEO Pierre Rivard. "It has always been important for us to be one step ahead of fuel cell developers' needs as their research and development programs advance."