Honda Presents New Kiwami FCV Sedan

December 01, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Honda Motor Corp. (Japan) announced its new Kiwami fuel cell vehicle (FCV), which combines advanced fuel cell technology with traditional Japanese aesthetics. Advanced packaging technology ensures a roomy interior despite the vehicle's low roofline. The interior design reflects the Japanese sense of a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere.

A square design with vertically positioned side windows sets off the car's wide-bodied, low-slung form. The interior design features an exterior information display and panel-touch shifting. Honda's original fuel cell system combines a Honda manufactured, next-generation, high-performance stack and dc motor with a next-generation hydrogen storage system. An H-shaped layout for the control unit, ultracapacitor, fuel cell stack, hydrogen storage unit and other components creates a low center of gravity, lower overall vehicle height, and a spacious interior, along with stable, synchronized-control, four-wheel drive, handling performance.