Honda Opens First Hydrogen Fueling Station in Los Angeles

July 10, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

American Honda Motor Co. Inc. (Torrance, CA) announced that the first hydrogen production and fueling station in the Los Angeles area has started operation at the company's research and development center in Torrance, CA. The station operates by using solar cells to produce electricity, which in turn is used to extract hydrogen from the water. The company reports that the station is part of its ongoing research into renewable energy, and says that it will support its fuel cell vehicle development program.

"The development of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure is as important as the development of the vehicles themselves. This is the first hydrogen station established to extract hydrogen from water and it will help verify more efficient hydrogen production methods as well as help us solve the challenges involved with hydrogen production and fueling stations for the future," said Ben Knight, vice president of Honda Research and Development Americas Inc.